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Smoke Removal

Smoke removal service is mostly acquired by the people who have smokers in the house. Another type of smoke removal is sought by the people who have suffered some fire break incident in the past. Both of the smoke categories cause blemish and bad odors. The pungent smell and strange-looking surroundings cause discomfort and severe health issues for the residents.

Read along to learn more about types of smoke, the potential damage, and top-rated smoke removal services provided by Elements of Restoration Water Fire Smoke Damage Repair.

Tobacco smoke

Cigarette smoke is a gluey substance that sticks to everything around. When you go to an area where there has been continuous smoking, the place will look like a yellowish tanned scenario.

According to the environment protection agency, tobacco smoke has more than 40 hazardous compounds that can cause cancer. You are not only affected by the live smoke in your surroundings. But the smoke which has clung to the inventory and the walls around you directly contaminate you with the hazardous particles.

This second-hand smoke is more dangerous than live smoke, and it affects the smokers too in very hazardous ways.

Smoke accumulation due to fire

If you had an outbreak of fire in your home or property, you would see the annoying blemish and black smog accumulation of particles on the roof and walls. The particles mostly remain airborne and cause severe diseases to the residents or people staying more time in the affected area.

The smoke also causes a pungent smell, which causes discomfort, and the looks of the interior make you feel like living in a cave of prehistoric times.

You need professional smoke removal services to restore your property to its former glory.

Why Don’t DIYs Work On Smoke?

The use of air fresheners is just a temporary remedy that works only for a few minutes. Once the fragrant vapors are eliminated from the environment, it mostly happens to disappear within 5 to 10 minutes. After that, you have to suffer the same pungent smell, and pawnshop feel in your house.

Another DIY trick is to clean the affected areas by yourself. When you use detergents or some other cleaning agents, you might end up ruining the paint and, in the worst-case scenario, your expensive appliances. That’s why it is always advised to call professionals to get rid of this issue.

Elements of Restoration Water Fire Smoke Damage Repair provide you the excellent services in cleaning the area without causing the slightest damage to the property or appliances.

How do we remove smoke?

 Our expert team uses quality deodorizers to remove the tiny particles from the walls and inventory without affecting the original finish.

Then our team uses state of the art tools to clean the areas which are not visible and easily accessible for direct cleaning.

After that, the final step involves sealing the residues in some ridges or behind the areas that should not be meddled with.

Now the surface is ready to repaint and refinish.


Smoke removal is necessary for the health of people who spend more time in the area where there are smoke residues clung to their surroundings. If you paint the walls without proper cleaning, you will have to bear the same pungent smell and hazardous particles of smoke after a few weeks. It is always advised to call the professionals to clean the area and make the complete do-over for a safe and healthy environment.

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Barb Buchanan
Barb Buchanan
The best restoration & water damage in Round Rock. They restored it all back to 100%. I enjoyed working with this company and using a locally owned business.
Natasha Flemings
Natasha Flemings
Quality work done by this water restoration company. Flood damage clean up was quick and left no sign of any of the problem when they were done.
Dr Johnson
Dr Johnson
The best! Dallas and his team helped us out a lot. Knowledgeable, worked with urgency and got the job done with intention. Everything was restored 100%. This company did everything they said they would. REPUTABLE
Oscar Gold
Oscar Gold
This company gets 5 stars from me for the emergency flood removal services. Showed up fast, well dressed and professional.
Barbara Buchanan
Barbara Buchanan
Emergency water damage restoration services delivered to perfection from Elements of restoration water fire smoke damage repair. The guys who helped, Brian and Joe were clean cut and hard working. Very respectful and I would recommend this company to all my friends and family.
Todd Pabst
Todd Pabst
When it comes to restoration or removal in Round Rock or Austin, this is the best around. Joe and Chris were awesome. Fixed up my house just like new.

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